I’m a multimedia journalist focusing on features, education and local 546694_1769319313243_1916591851_nnews. Currently, I am a staff reporter at the Brookline and Newton TAB. In this role I have interviewed a myriad of subjects from holocaust survivors to a Grammy winning composer and even a seven year old LEGO protégée. 

Before coming to the TAB I was a freelance journalist for over a year. During that time my work appeared in The Guardian and The Independent.

Aside from reporting I am passionate about creative writing and story slams. I hold a master’s degree from the University of East Anglia’s Creative Writing program where I focused on Nonfiction Writing. I’m interested in hearing stories of all kinds whether that be reportage, creative writing, poetry or spoken word.

When I’m not writing or telling stories I’m probably hiking or sampling the latest local wine on the market.

Check out my profile to see some of my work.

Contact: lauralovett7@gmail.com                 Mobile: 781 267 9978

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